April 2010

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  • The Duchess of Northumberland visits Northern Lab

    Today we had the pleasure of meeting the Duchess of Northumberland during her visit to Berwick. The Duchess was officially opening the Workspace building, a purpose built centre to stimulate the development and growth of small businesses in and around the Berwick area. She was accompanied by a few members of the Council and the […]

  • Company profile: Pictorial Photography

    Following on in our series of company profiles we would like to introduce to you another company that we work with. Pictorial photography is run by Sarah Chappell, and below you can see a recently published article explaining a little bit about what Sarah does. We have collaborated on numerous projects and Sarah has provided […]

  • View all files/folders in My Computer/Explorer

    By default, Windows Windows chooses to hide a good number of files from it’s users. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn the relevant options off! Open My Computer or Windows Explorer. Go to the Tools menu, and select Folder Options… Select the View tab, and locate Hidden Files and Folders, select the sub item Show hidden […]

  • Company profile: Bright Quarter

    Here at Northern Lab we know our strength and our weaknesses, we are good at what we do but we know that there are certain things that other people can do better than us. Being a small business we develop relationships with other businesses in order to collaborate on projects, and we thought it only […]

  • New helpdesk now open for business

    We’ve migrated to our new helpdesk service which we think offers a superior experience to our previous offering. If you’re an existing customer, we’ll be contacting you with your new username and password for the new helpdesk so that you can start using it straight away! Over time we’ll be using the new helpdesk to […]

  • New website launched: International Mortgages

    Another week, another launch! This week we have finished testing and polishing the new International Mortgages website. This site provides financial and mortgage information for people who are looking to buy properties in foreign countries. We have found the staff at International Mortgages very friendly, and we would recommend this company to anyone. We are […]

  • Google Chrome highlighting links with a red box

    I came accross an interesting issue with Google Chrome the other day. I’ve been using Google Chrome for some time now and all of a sudden some sites started displaying a red or orange box around the links. Sites like Delicious, digg and other sites that I visit regularly started exhibiting this behaviour. I did […]

  • New website launched: Pease Bay Caravan Park

    Ohoy there! Pease Bay caravan website now live! This week we are extremely excited at the launch of the new Pease bay Caravan Park website. We have been working with Pease Bay over the last few months to redesign their website, and the response to the new site has been amazing. www.peasebay.co.uk has received praise […]