How to show the Menu bar in Windows 7 Explorer

One of the differences you’ll notice when moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 is that in Windows Explorer there is no menu bar – so by default you don’t see File, Edit, etc! The reason for this is that most of the functionality you’re going to need is available via on-screen options.

Windows 7 explorer no menu default

For those who’d just rather have the good old Menu bar here’s two ways of making this happen:

Temporarily display the menu bar:

This is an easy option, when using Windows Explorer simply press the Alt key to show/hide the menu bar! Pressing the Alt key once will show the menu bar, when you’ve made a selection it will be hidden again or you can press the Alt key again to hide the menu bar if you decide not to make a selection.

Permanently display the menu bar:

Click on the Windows logo (the start button!), in the Search field enter:

folder options

You’ll see the link to Folder Options appear in the search list, click on it to continue. The Folder Options dialog box will be displayed on your screen, now click on the View tab along the top. Locate Advanced Settings, underneath this you’ll need to place a check mark in the Always Show Menus option.

Now click OK to apply this setting and close the Folder Options dialog box – you’re done!

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