• How to migrate Transmit FTP details from one Mac to another

    The good folks at Panic, creators of Transmit and the awesome Coda, recently gave me a great tip on how to transfer FTP account details from one machine to another. I’m sure this is documented somewhere but I couldn’t find it on their blog or FAQ’s so I contacted Panic support and this is what […]

  • Our brand new dedicated IT website is now live!

    Good news, our new dedicated IT Services website is now live! We have been working hard over the past couple of months to deliver a dedicate IT website, and we have finally launched. There are still some minor changes and tweaks to be made to the site but we are very proud of our work, […]

  • How to manage multiple iTunes libraries on Mac OS X the easy way

    When I first started using iTunes many years ago it seemed like my 150gb internal hard disk would be more than enough to store all my music, and for a while it was. I converted all of my music CDs, and my wife’s, and added them to iTunes, there was a stagering 45gb of music stored on my computer (45gb seemed like a lot at the time).

  • New website Launched: Crosslaw Farm

    Check out a new website we have just launched. The site has been finished for sometime now, but it’s only recently that we have finished some related work for this customer. Crosslaw Farm is a charming self catering accommodation based in the borders and we have enjoyed working with Judith and Douglas on this project.

  • Can you guarantee me a #1 spot in Google search results?

    That’s a question that we get asked all the time and the truth is that anyone who answers yes to that question are outright lying or bending the truth a little. Watch this video as it explains some of the issues associated with Search Engine Optimization. The video is published by Google on their YouTube […]

  • New website launched: Castle Vale House

    Another site launched! Visit our latest creation, the website for Castle Vale B and B. Castle Vale House is a delightful and secluded property built in the 1850s has some spectacular views of the River Tweed. You can visit their website here. The site uses a mixture of good old fashion HTML, CSS and PHP […]

  • New website launched: Firesideshop.co

    We are extremely proud to announce the launch of a new website, firesideshop.co is now live! Firesideshop.co is a small company with a fantastic range of fireside accessories. Their service is fantastic and the staff are a pleasure to work with. The firesideshop.co website is powered by Magento and we have learned a great deal […]

  • New website launched: DB Joiners and Builders

    It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of a new website. DB Joiners & Builders are a small family run firm based in Scremerston, Berwick-upon-Tweed. Working on this project has been a very rewarding experience for us, the feedback we received was constant and accurate. We would like to thank Lorraine and Lindsey […]

  • New website launched: Gary Miller

    Here here, or hear hear… New website launched! garymillersongs.com is now live! We are pleased to announce the launch of a new site we have been working on for Gary Miller. Gary is a well known, experienced and internationally acclaimed song writer and poet that has been writing great music for over 3 decades. You […]

  • New website launched: The Socialites

    Lets get the party started! The Socialites website is now live. This has been a very interesting and rewarding project to work on. The Socialites are a very talented and entertaining function band with a wide repertoire of songs and styles to bring any party or occasion to life. Check out their website here!

  • New website launched: Gray’s Pharmacy Direct

    New site live now! We have been working with a local pharmacy that have some very ambitious plans. Grays Pharmacy from Chirnside is run by Andrew and Steven Gray who have many years experience in the pharmacy business. The brothers have recently open a new pharmacy and have decided to explore the potential of the […]