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Here at Northern Lab we know our strength and our weaknesses, we are good at what we do but we know that there are certain things that other people can do better than us. Being a small business we develop relationships with other businesses in order to collaborate on projects, and we thought it only fair to share with you a little bit of information about the businesses we collaborate with.

We have decided to post a company profile for our friends on our blog, and over the next few weeks you will see some company profiles appearing here.

First of all let us tell you a little bit about Bright Quarter:

bright quarter

Brightquarter is a fresh thinking Business Development Company, specialising in PA and Secretarial support, Marketing, Public Relations and Events. They offer clients the professional knowledge to “grow their business” allowing the client to focus on the aspects of business they excel in.

Brightquarter can offer a great depth of experience in business development from initial advise, business plan writing, budgeting, creation, management and execution of Websites, along with PR and Marketing

Personal, practical and professional services covering:

· Business advice, support and guidance
· Business health check
· Financial planning and control
· Sales and marketing strategies
· Staff management and development
· Training and mentoring

You can visit their website here

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