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Professional IT Services for Businesses like yours

  • We help you keep your business moving in the right direction with our first class computer support services that can help you reduce cost, improve return on investment and seamlessly integrate into your current business setup.

    From server installation and networking, VPN’s, remote access, backups and disaster recovery strategies to a wide range of related services. All this and more delivered efficiently and professionally.

    Here at Northern Lab we pride ourselves on our straight forward, jargon free approach to projects and services. Our IT services are robust and scalable. We can help your business grow without the pain and hassle that comes from upgrading your systems, hardware, software or infrastructure. All our customers benefit from our 24/7 on-line helpdesk support access, as well as periodic checks on their systems.

    We can be your IT Department or we can complement the skillset of your current IT Staff
    • Server installations & Maintenance
    • Full Windows Server & Small Business Server support
    • Microsoft Exchange & Hosted email setup
    • Apple hardware and software including server software
    • Linux installation and support
    • Network setup and cabling
    • Infrastructure, hardware and software upgrades and maintenance
    • Office 365, Outlook, Word, Excel, and MS Office support
    • Project management & Consultancy services
    • PC Support, mobile devices, and multi platform integration
    • 24/7 Online helpdesk and multi channel support
    • Backups, data recovery & Disaster recovery strategies
    • VPN’s, remote access and remote monitoring
    • Cloud services & Virtual servers
    • Sage & Quickbooks help and support
    • Windows XP, 7 and 8 installation and support

Based in Berwick-upon-Tweed we are ideally placed to serve Northumberland, the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh, Newcastle and further afield. Our mix of onsite and remote working is ideal to keep your business running efficiently and keep your costs down.

    • Server installations & Maintenance

      Server hardware and software installations, upgrades and maintenance. Northern Lab has a wealth of experience in this field, from server software such as Server 2003, 2008, 2011, Small Business Server and Exchange to new server hardware installations, backups and networking.

    • Networking & cabling

      We can help your business design and implement both small and large data networks, wired or wireless, and we can help you expand your infrastructure painlessly irrespective of your current setup or location.

    • Windows, Apple & Linux software

      We can help you upgrade and maintain your current hardware and software platform, audit your infrastructure, and provide you with the most cost effective way of improving your IT setup regardless of the platform you use. We are comfortable in any environment, Windows, Apple or Linux.

    • Office 365, Outlook, Word, Excel & Other software

      As more companies move to the cloud it is clear that hosted services can be an easy way to cut costs and ensure business continuity. We can help you migrate to a cloud service like Office 365 or Google Drive, as well as supporting all the programs you are familiar with and are indispensable to your business.

    • MS Exchange, Hosted email & Cloud services

      We can offer your business a range of Cloud services, from online backups and email systems to hosted exchange and office 365 integration. It’s about time your business harnessed all the power of the cloud. You no longer have to operate within the confines of your brick and mortar office.

    • Backups and data recovery

      Backups are essential to ensure your business can survive if there is a hardware or software failure. Most businesses do not realise the importance of backups until it’s too late. We can help ensure your business is ready for any eventuality. In the event of hardware failure we can also offer you our data recovery services.

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    over 30 years IT Experience
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    over 3000 IT incidents resolved per year
We have the experience to identify and resolve faults and problems quickly and efficiently to minimise your downtime
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